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Feb, 2022

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Welcome to Desolatium. A world of mystery, terror and madness based on Lovecraft's Myths.


Desolatium is a graphic adventure in first person based on the Lovecraft's Myths and inspired by classic adventure games, whose major innovation is that the levels are created in real 360º images and videos.

You start playing as Carter, who wakes up on a bed in a strange room. He can’t remember anything, not even his own name; when he looks around he suspects something is not right. He needs to escape from there and find out what is happening. When Carter's friends discover that he has disappeared, the true journey begins.

What if all the myths and creatures they had read about were real?

Get inside their head to investigate all the clues and hints, each with their unique abilities and characteristics. Visit mysterious locations, face lovecraftian creatures, find clues and combine objects to solve puzzles.

Will they be ready for what they may find?


  • Point-and-Click Graphic Adventure with a Survival-Horror esence.
  • Multiple Endings: Can you prevent more murders? Will you be able to avoid the end of the world? The paths you follow and the decisions you make will mark your course... and your end.
  • Hyper-realistic graphics: All the levels are generated by recording real locations, with the subtle integration of 3D elements, to transport you directly into the insane universe of DESOLATIUM.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of 4 different characters whose stories intertwine.
  • Ambisonic Audio (8D): this type of audio generates a surrounding sound effect that comes from many different directions at once, creating the feeling of being in a real life scenario where danger lurks in every corner... a few steps behind you... a chilling scream at your right... Can you imagine hearing the piercing sounds of an Ancient God chasing you as you try to overcome obstacles on your way out? And to enjoy all this experience you only need your headphones.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the “Most Innovative Game of the Year” award by PlayStation Talents 2018." Madrid, 19 December 2018
  • "Winner of the “Best Sound” award by Gamépolis 2019." Málaga, 21 July 2019
  • "Nominated for the award of “Best Game of the Year” by PlayStation Talents 2018." Madrid, 19 December de 2018
  • "Nominated for the “Best VR Game Samsung DevSpain: The Challenge 2018” by Samsung." Madrid, 1 June de 2018

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About Superlumen

We are a creative development studio set in Murcia, focused on the creation of virtual reality experiences and video-games.

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Desolatium Credits

Chema Coca
Business Development

Juan Cassinello
Code Developer

Isabel Gálvez

Charly Lax
Narrative Director

Irene Martínez
Social Media Manager

Mª Inmaculada Parra





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